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Filipino Young Adults
  "An Evening with Friends"
  Glimpses of An Evening With Friends

Reflections for Fathers
  Reflections on St. Joseph, Model of Fatherhood

Women's Corner
  A Successful Women's Prayer Breakfast!

Simbang Gabi 2007
  Nov 10, Sat 9:30am Simbang Gabi Workshop
  Nov 24, Sat 2pm Parol Making Workshop

Photo Album
  Opening Day of Simbang Gabi w/ the Filipino Youth
  Simbang Gabi photos at St. Anthony
  Simbang Gabi photos @ St. Philip Church
  1st Simbang Gabi held @ Nativity Church in Burke, VA
  Simbang Gabi Finale
  Sept 29, 2007 Feast of San Lorenzo Photos

Past Events
  Sept 29, Sat 5:30pm Mass for Feast Celebration of San Lorenzo Ruiz
  April 23, Wed 7pm
  Dec 8, 2007 Sat Christmas Concert @ St.Michaels
  May 16, Friday 7:30pm Dinner & Dance
  March 1, 2008 Sat Lenten Retreat
  April 5, Sat 9am "Vision & Mission" Leadership and Facilitator's Training Workshop

Filipino Ministry of Northern Virginia at 26037 Rachel Hill Drive, South Riding, VA 20152 US - Couples For Christ

Couples For Christ

Call: CFC is a servant and lay partner of the Catholic Church in the work of evangelization, family life renewal, and Church renewal. Founded twelve years ago in Manila, Philippines, it is now established in different parts of the world--in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. Being dedicated to the mission of family-life renewal, CFC consists of different ministries catering to all members of the family.

They include: Couples for Christ for married couples Singles for Christ for single men and women age 21 and up Youth for Christ for young adults age 13 to 20 Kids for Christ for children age 3 to 12 Handmaids of the Lord for women who are widowed or divorced or single mothers, or those called to single blessedness Servants of the Lord for men who are widowed or divorced or single fathers, or those called to a life of celibacy

Visit their website @

CFC Virginia

     Sonny Aguiling
     Northeast Regional Head
     (908) 964-3200

     Rod Bustos
     Area Head, VA

     Mike delaNoche
     North VA Chapter Head

     Armand Erfe
     Area Leader/South VA Chapter Head

     Rico Villaroman (wife- Beth)
     Family Ministries Director

     Nitz De Guzman
     HOLD Chapter Head/ OIKOS Coordinator - VA

     Ben Dichoso
     ANCOP Coordinator - VA
     (703) 329-8357

     James & Roxanne Gustilo
     SFC Coordinator - VA
     (571) 201-7975

     EJ Bernabe
     KFC Coordinator - VA
     (703) 517-1713

     Russel Casapao
     TEKTON Coordinator

     Noel De Leon (Wife - Wowie)

CFC Maryland

     Sonny Aguiling
     Northeast Regional Head
     (908) 964-3200

     Rod Bustos (wife- Canyl)
     Area Director, MD/Social Min. Director/Area Head, VA

     Raymund Sucgang / Family Ministries Director
     Area Council Member / Chapter Head

     Angel Viray (wife - Amy)
     Area Council Member / Chapter Head

     Romy Vargas (wife- Rizzel)
     Area Council Member/Chapter Head - Baltimore

     Norby Perrin
     Chapter Head

     Ernie Pineda
     Chapter Head

     Canyl Bustos
     HOLD NE & ANCOP NCR Regional Director

     Cora Castaneda (Husband - Joy)
     ANCOP NCR Finance & Administration
     (301) 839-5964

     Norby Perrin
     Area Council Member- MD

     Celia Sison
     HOLD Coordinator - MD

     Cesar Rabang
     KFC Coordinator - MD
     (240) 715-5049

     Ernie Pineda
     Prison Ministry Coordinator

     Mark Wright
     Medical Mission Coordinator - MD

     Nap Curameng
     STMA Coordinator

     Manny Bengson
     COOPS For Christ

     Lena Cauton
     Teodora Coordinator
     (301) 460-7580

     Danny Gortayo
     Prolife Coordinator - MD
     (202) 345-5513

     Mac Reyes
     Flame Ministry Coordinator
     (301) 292-5137

     Joe Cuevo
     Medical Mission Coordinator

     Ramon Magbanua
     (301) 509-8066

     Keishawn Middleton
     Full Time Worker- MD


CFC Washington DC

     Sonny Aguiling
     Northeast Regional Head
     (908) 964-3200

     Ernie Pineda
     Area Head



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